Oscar-300hBerkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park is a wonderful place.  Viva Cesar Chavez Park! aims to be a community of people who love the park.

Expressing love for Cesar Chavez Park can take many forms.  For instance:

  • Visiting the park often
  • Helping to keep the park clean
  • Being a resource for people new to the park
  • Observing park rules
  • Working to protect and improve the park
  • Sharing personal stories about the park and its history
  • Sharing photos and artwork about the park
  • Doing anything else that expresses love for the park.

Viva Cesar Chavez Park! is currently in the process of formation as an organization.  Berkeley attorney Martin Nicolaus (here a/k/a “Mosey2014”) and Berkeley resident Sheila Jordan, the recently retired County Superintendent of Schools, are the provisional co-chairs.  Martin is the webmaster of this site.

You can be sure to receive new posts and comments as they appear by becoming a subscriber to this site.  Go to the Home tab on the main menu, slide down to “Register,” and hold down the Control key (Command in Apple) while clicking on “Register.”  You are also welcome to post your own articles and photos; send an email using the form below.

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