More Names on the Bench

P1000479Went back this afternoon and photographed more memorial plaques on more benches.  I still don’t have them all.  Here is the current batch:

For the Google index, here are the names in this batch:

  • Jessica M. Barshay (Anto)
  • Barbara Sue Judge
  • Toshio Yoshida
  • Masako Yoshida
  • Sheldon Victor Rudy Sklare
  • Alan R. Hunt
  • Harriet ShafferP1000476
  • Don Forsman
  • Hazel Steinhardt
  • Jacinto Steinhardt
  • John Ungaretti
  • Marian Francis Schouler Robinson
  • Don Rothenberg

If you know anything about these people, please post something here, either by way of a comment or as a separate post.  Thank you.


P1000475 P1000472 P1000471 P1000487 P1000486 P1000485 P1000483 P1000482

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