Petition for Better Bathrooms (Sign Online)

Better Bathrooms in the Park

We the undersigned are visitors to Cesar Chavez Park and we respectfully request that the plastic portable restrooms along Spinnaker Way be replaced with permanent rest rooms with flush toilets, on a par with other City parks.
The porta-potties:
(1) Are nasty, unsanitary, a health hazard
(2) Are offensive to women, dangerous for children
(3) Make Berkeley look bad by comparison with other cities
(4) Show no respect for Cesar Chavez


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One thought on “Petition for Better Bathrooms (Sign Online)

  • January 10, 2016 at 2:46 am

    It’s about time Cesar Chavez Park had decent flush toilets, and sinks with hot water. Check out the nice bathrooms at Hal Brown Creekside Park in Marin and at the Emeryville Waterfront. And why won’t Berkeley ever pave the awful bumpy stretch of eastbound University Ave. from the Waterfront to the Freeway?

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